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Let's Go to Chadwick Lakes. A Field Study Guide. 1998. International Tree Foundation, Malta. 50 pp.

Available from: BDL, 487 Triq Manché, Pembroke, STJ 07, Malta. Email:
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Chadwick Lakes is a place of great beauty. It is also one of great natural history and scientific interest. We hope this Guide will help you to discover this interest–and that you will then go further and find much, much more.

The River Valley with the Chadwick Lakes road is the part here studied. It starts where the minor road leaves the main Mtarfa road, and continues along the river valley until it ends in meeting the main Rabat road. It is hardly over one mile long.

This Guide has been issued at the same time as River Valleys of the Maltese Islands by S.M. Haslam with J. Borg (1998) (obtainable from the Foundation of International Studies, Valletta, or through any bookshop). The two are intended to be used together.
The Guide is in three sections. The first is a short description of a walk downhill from the Mtarfa road, and along the lakes and river, ending at the Rabat road.

The second section is activities. These are sub-divided into landscape, walls, pollution, etc. The activities include fact-gathering questions, sketches, and such things as measuring speed of water flow and studying rain-worn rock.

The last section is more detailed information about some aspects such as pollution, water plants and soil.


The Walk
The Activities:
Where am I? Compass and maps. Measure the rain and compare the wind. Landscape and structure. What is the water like? The Artist in the Lakes. Trees. Shorter plants. Rock. Sedimentation and erosion. Walls. Roads, bridges, dams and buildings. Recreation. Maintenance. Biodiversity. Sustainability. And Finally
The Country Code
Further Information:
The rain and the river. Upstream and downstream: the River Ghasel system. Plants of water and wetland. Pollution. Soils. Recreation. In a European context. River corridor