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(WITH C.A. SINKER, P.A. WOLSELEY) BRITISH WATER PLANTS. 1975. Field Studies Council. 108 pp. (1982 — Reprint With Corrections.) FSC Publication S10. With information on distributions by R.H. Britton and a key to Potamogeton by J.E. Dandy.

An illustrated key based on the vegetative features of vascular plants growing in fresh water, with notes on their ecological and geographical distribution.

A simple but comprehensive guide to the identification of all the larger plants found in fresh waters in this country has long been needed, and the demand is growing. No such work has existed hitherto, although there are a number of excellent books dealing with the British flora in general and more specialized accounts of particular groups of water plants. The need is for a work enabling the non-specialist to recognise and name water plants reliably when they are not in flower, and to do so without special botanical training. The present work is an attempt to fill this gap for the benefit of Water Authority and Fisheries staff, scientists other than botanists investigating fresh water problems, teachers and students using aquatic habitats for ecological projects, amateur naturalists, anglers, and anyone else who may be captivated by the beauty and interest of these plants but frustrated by not knowing what to call them.


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