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The Breck Fens. 1965. Suffolk Naturalists Transactions. 13, 137—46.


The fens in and east of the Breckland on the rivers Lark, Little Ouse, and Wissey, together with those at the head of the Waveney, have been called the Breck fens. The intensive human interference in the past and present history of the fens is described, together with the changes attributed to this. Variations in soil type and water table are also noted, as are variations due to differences in weather in different years. The vegetation is discussed briefly, it being divisible into the two main categories of headwater and valley areas. Headwater areas are nutrient-poor, valley ones nutrient-rich. The two differ considerably in the communities found in wet fens, less so in those of dry fens, and hardly at all in those of grass fields and woods. The causes of the differences and the successions are considered in Haslam (Ecological studies in the Breck Fens. I. Vegetation in relation to habitat. Journal of Ecology. 53, 599—619.)