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The Teaching of Brownie Challenges. Cambs East Girl Guides Association. 39 pp., 1985.


This book has been written to fill a current gap in the Brownie Guider's aids: to provide information on the Journey badges. A wide range of options is now available and only some of these are described (content, presentation, assessment) in current GGA publications. This book describes most of the rest and refers readers to the official publications where possible. It is not feasible, in one small book, to describe all possible variations for each option. Alternatives are not omitted because they are wrong but because the writer does not know them, has no space to describe them, or has failed with them (which does not mean other Guiders would also fail).

The book has an introductory chapter on Challenges. The second chapter outlines the teaching and preparation for the Promise Badge. Since various activities, e.g. skipping or praying, occur in more than one Journey Badge, the subsequent chapters are divided primarily on the Eight Points (Wide Awake, Keep Fit, etc.), rather than on the Footpath, Road and Highway Badges.

This book was written when the 1983 edition of the Brownie Guide Handbook was current. Guiders working with later editions should check for changes in syllabuses from those described here.


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