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Ecology, Cultural and built heritage, Landscape ecology

Abstracts or Prefaces, list of Contents, etc. are given for all publications. Books and Field Study Guides still in print have details on ordering. Journals and books out of print can be borrowed from or, for a small charge via, University and Public Libraries, from the British Lending Library or International Library Loan. Copies of all (science) publications are held at APIRS (Aquatic and Invasive Plants Information and Retrieval System), Center for Aquatic Plants, 7922 NW 71st Street, Gainesville, Fl 32653-3071, USA. Contact APIRS

The extra interpretation and beauty given by the illustrations in my books is due to the artistic ability of Mrs Y. Bower and Mrs P.A. Wolseley, who have my enduring appreciation and gratitude.

(with TINA BONE, Natural History and Botanical Artist,
A series of small (A5), independent books about different riparian/riverine subjects.
THE RIVER FRIEND SERIES, available on Amazon and from leading bookstores.
Website: https//


An Introduction to the WATER FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVE. RFS6 ISBN 978-1-9162096-3-3 A5 Paperback 60pp. Tina Bone UK, Cambridge

REED—ON THE EDGE. RFS5. 2020. ISBN 978-1-9162096-4-0 A5 Paperback 48pp. Tina Bone UK, Cambridge.

INTERPRET: What Do Plants Tell Us? RFS4. 2020. ISBN 978-1-9162096-5-7 A5 Paperback 58pp. Tina Bone UK, Cambridge.

A Prologue to the Series: Plant Identification and Glossary of Terms. RFS3. 2019. ISBN 978-1-9162096-2-6 A5 Paperback 60pp. Tina Bone UK, Cambridge.

STREAM STORY I: A Riveting Riverscape—River Brue, Somerset. RFS2. 2019. ISBN 978-1-9162096-0-2 A5 Paperback 52pp.  Tina Bone UK, Cambridge.

Drying Up. RFS1. 2019. ISBN 978-1-9162096-1-9 A5 Paperback 44pp. Tina Bone UK, Cambridge.

In Prep'n. (2021):
WATER: Clean and Dirty (ISBN 978 1 9162096 7 1)
STREAM STORY: A Brook in Transit: Bourn Brook, Cambridge (ISBN 978 1 9162096 8 8)
Vegetation Changes Over Time. Is there FREEZE FRAME? (ISBN 978 1 9162096 6 4)
STREAM STORY: Another Riveting Riverscape—The River Cam, Cambridge



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